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Many and different experiences, values and worlds have shaped me. Special people have inspired me, challenged me and taught me a lot. I was successful and could also suffer defeats.


Having grown up multilingually and multiculturally in Bolzano (South Tyrol) and Verona (Italy), I learned early to accept changes and to deal with them productively.  I worked in New York and Milan, as a PR and marketing manager, as a political consultant, organizational developer and mentor for women in management positions. To deepen all these experiences, I completed a master‘s degree in „Coaching and Solutionfocused Management“ in Vienna in 2006.


As a business and executive coach I support since than women and men in the process of fulfilling realistic goals. My coaching is tailored to individual needs and helps leaders and managers, groups and teams in public and private companies to formulate and realize professional and often inter-linked personal goals.

Micki Gruber

Starting from her 25-years longs to experience, first in the field of communication and then as a leading marketing and public relations manager, for Micki Gruber the importance of communication between people to create cohesion and to be successful in life has emerged more and more. She approached Coaching (obtaining a Master's degree in Solution-Focused Coaching at the University of Vienna), because she is certain that it is one of the most effective tools for achieving these goals, because it is a different way of looking at people, which then translates into a different way of dealing with people.


Her coaching approach is thus not only individualized but highly solutions-focused and future-oriented, shadowing light onto solutions and chances even in critical moments and situations. Her coaching-style will make space for the formulation of new goals and motivation in the first session already. 

In addition she conducts active seminars in the areas of solution-oriented communication, conflict management and leadership.


Always attentive to and passionate about women's issues, Micki Gruber has been involved for years in the development and dissemination of mentoring projects for the enhancement and expansion of women's careers. 

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